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This work has brought me the opportunity to transform what were before only professional dreams into a well thought through, realistic and doable action plan.

Each of us left each meeting feeling encouraged and empowered.

It's been almost 6 years since I left my job to become a full time mom.

So far, going back to a professional activity seemed a daunting and overwhelming task. Now, even though I still have a long journey to build ahead of me, I feel it is possible, and I have been given many tools to support me along the way"

Ana-Cristina, Montclair NJ

"The  group dynamics allowed us to dig deeper and look into our professional lives from a very broad perspective. I started our sessions thinking I had to redefine myself and my profession in order to achieve professional fulfilment and balance motherhood & work life. Through out the course of 8 weeks I learned how to prioritise what's important in my work life and set clear goals for the near future while not putting aside my family"

Kelly, Montclair NJ 

" They created a nurturing space for our reflections and exchange of experiences, bringing exercises and questions that facilitated us to identify our inspirations, blocks, fears, purposes and thus help us to face our challenges and to prepare ourselves for the certain steps in search of our purposes. The experience was extremely positive, full of energy and sensitivity needed to conduct a coaching process. The experience of having done this in a group was extremely rich and rewarding!" 


Carla C., Montclair NJ  

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