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Join us. You might leave with ideas that will help you to enjoy the ride, re-check and calibrate choices and, when the time comes, have a better transition "back to work". 

I'll be sharing insights we've "discovered" working with women who stayed home and are already getting ready to "go back to work" with those who are maybe in earlier stages of the journey. There are a few topics that we don't see being discussed anywhere - but are common to most of us who go through this cycle. Being aware of them can be super useful at any stage of the path.


If you're contemplating staying home with the kids, or have slowed down your career to be more with the kids, or if you're officially a SAHM ambivalent about "going back to work", join us! Experience the power of a women's group and leave with a couple of useful insights and action steps.

Monday, October 1st

7:30 pm 

The Creativity Caravan 

28 South Fullerton Ave, Montclair NJ

It's free. RSVP by email

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