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we believe

We believe it is possible to honor 

every cycle in our lives and make 

smart, coherent choices


We believe when it's well integrated with our family situation and aligned with what's important to us, work is a driving force for growth, fulfillment, independence and self-esteem


We believe purposeful, substantial, 

paid work can enrich our lives.

This is why we've created this program. You've been putting everybody's needs before yours for a while.  We invite you to put yourself back in your priority list.  

It's your turn.



Cristina is a certified Designing Your Life coach and experienced training designer and facilitator. She is passionate about helping mommas to figure out ways to deal with motherhood and career that work for them. She's been there - both as a working mom in a fast track career and as a full-time stay at home mom. Her personal experience is the driving force behind her passion to help mommas find their way.

Previously Cristina had a career in the corporate world, as an executive and as a consultant. With 12+ years of experience in Organizational Dynamics, her areas of expertise are Leadership Development, Performance Improvement and Organizational Culture and Change. She graduated from the University of São Paulo, Brazil in Public Relations and specialized in Human Resources and Sustainability.

Loud momma of three, dreams she could telecommute to visit family and friends around the world. And then come right back to her beloved home in Montclair NJ, where she lives with her family of humans and pets. She is usually obsessed about something that, more often than not, becomes a project. Lately it’s about women putting back play in their lives.  

count us in!

Call us to discuss your in company or group needs.


We offer consulting, training and coaching solutions

and we're psyched to work on projects where we can help to

move the needle in anything motherhood and career. 


With a solid track record in HR, Organization Design, Training, and

Leadership Development, we're passionate to make things work better for women.


Feel free to get in touch for speaking engagements, taylor made initiatives,

in company programs and workshops on demand in other locations. 

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