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Might be time to 'go back to work', 

but you don't know where to start?

We do. And it's not by updating your LinkedIn profile.

Psst, we found out that although we worry about requalifying, networking and what to do with that curriculum gap, there might be a much smarter starting point!

Get unstuck and avoid illusive short cuts by making sure your head, heart and actions are aligned as you figure out what's next.


Your Turn is a 4 week group program that will bring you the clarity and self confidence you're looking for.  

Revisit ambivalences, explore possibilities, come up with an action plan to try things out and tap into the oomph you need to start an authentic journey back to work. 

Also check out our Booster Workshops for resources to dealing with other practical issues, one at a time. The Booster Workshops are open to all women trying to figure out motherhood and career. 


Your Turn groups meet for two hours, once a week, during four weeks. It is for women who've stayed home full or part time and want to 'go back to work'.
Packed with toolsexerciseslecturettes and, most importantly, group conversations that will help you to identify and reconsider limiting beliefs, reconnect with yourself and start experimenting. Think clarity, inspiration and movement.

In between weekly meetings, exercises and food for thought will keep you warmed up and going. Very busy? Don't worry, homework won't require more than one hour total per week. 

Come for:

RESULTS - the gains will be very real in the form of the possibilities you consider, the choices you make and how you feel in the process. You'll get things rolling, from a better starting point. 


SUPPORTIVE GROWTH ENVIRONMENT - non-judgmental and supportive space, no matter where you are. We'll also nudge you out of your comfort zone a bit. Plus, you'll experience the power of the conversation with other women  - hashtag secret sauce.  

INSIGHTS  - the program is based on the Designing Your Life® approach, developed by Stanford professors Dave Evans and Bill Burnett, that's backed by solid research. We'll add a generous pinch of other relevant research, practices and empirical elements - so get ready for some of a-ha moments.


Updating your LinkedIn profile gives you a pang of anxiety? Wondering where you'll find the time to have a career and be there for your family makes you want to breath in a paper bag? Avoid even thinking about money?  We SO get you. 

You don't have to figure it all out on your own though! Through curated themes and partnerships the Booster Workshops discuss practical issues, one at a time.


You'll get valuable tools and insights on issues that might be (or feel) challenging in the process of reconciling motherhood and career.


Some of the topics what you'll find in our menu:

- money

- your many roles and carving time

- being on the same page with your partner

- health and self care

- reentry strategies

- interview techniques

- and, yes, LinkedIn profiles.   

The Booster Workshops are open to all women

who are trying to figure out motherhood and career.


The Your Turn program was a valuable learning process for me, and I still refer back to my notes when I need encouragement towards achieving my goal.

 I had been stuck in a frustrated routine for a long time, too nervous to reach for outside help.


Once I finally plucked up the courage to seek assistance from the Your Turn program I soon realized I was not alone, that there are other stay at home parents desperate to re discover themselves professionally after a long hiatus from the workforce.


I found the group sessions extremely powerful, I had numerous mental blocks but I learnt how to push aside the guilt I felt over carving out time from my family to work on projects necessary to further my personal development.


Although my journey is still emerging, I'm learning how to rearrange my expectations and working to dismiss excuses that inhibit my progress.

Your Turn offered me the clarity I craved to define what I needed to keep moving forward.


—  Samantha Smith,

Montclair NJ

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