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Feeling like it might be time to 'go back  to work', but don't  know where to start?
We do. And it's not by updating your LinkedIn profile.

We believe it is possible to honor every cycle in our lives and make smart, coherent choices. 


We believe when it's well integrated with our family situation and aligned with what's important to us, work is a driving force for growth, fulfillment, independence and self-esteem. 


We believe purposeful, substantial, paid work can enrich our lives.

This is why we've created this program. You've been putting everybody's needs before yours for a while. We invite you to put yourself back in your priority list.  It's your turn.


Psst, we found out that although we might worry about requalifying, networking and what to do with that curriculum gap, there might be a much smarter starting point!

Get unstuck and avoid illusive short cuts by making sure your head, heart and actions are aligned as you find your way and figure out what's next.


Your Turn is a 4 week group program that will bring you the clarity and self-confidence you need to start your journey back to work.  

Your Turn sessions are two hour long and held at The Creativity Caravan in Montclair, NJ. Other locations on demand. 10 participants max per group.

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What is it?

 A six week group program

with weekly 2 hours meetings

It's For you

If you've been primarily focusing on taking care of your family but now have an itch to fit a career back into your life 

WHat's the benefit?

Think clarity, inspiration and  movement.  


The Your Turn program was a valuable learning process for me, and I still refer back to my notes when I need encouragement towards achieving my goal.

 I had been stuck in a frustrated routine for a long time, too nervous to reach for outside help.


Once I finally plucked up the courage to seek assistance from the Your Turn program I soon realized I was not alone, that there are other stay at home parents desperate to re discover themselves professionally after a long hiatus from the workforce.


I found the group sessions extremely powerful, I had numerous mental blocks but I learnt how to push aside the guilt I felt over carving out time from my family to work on projects necessary to further my personal development.


Although my journey is still emerging, I'm learning how to rearrange my expectations and working to dismiss excuses that inhibit my progress.

Your Turn offered me the clarity I craved to define what I needed to keep moving forward.


—  Samantha Smith,

Montclair NJ

Who We Are

Renata and Cristina worked together as HR Executives in Brazil some 18 years (!) ago. Career changes, kids and country moves later they met again. Both in the tri-state area in the US, each one starting a new journey. Little did they know that a phone call - and a bit of serendipity - would be the start of a new joint project they'd be completely passioned about.


Renata Andrade - Co-creator, Facilitator and Coach. Renata helps Expat Partners around the world reconnect with their purpose. She has 15+ years of experience as a Psychotherapist and HR Executive. An expat partner herself, Renata just moved from Scarsdale, NY to Milan, Italy, with her husband and 2 kids.

Cristina Beraldo-Barbosa - Co-Creator and Facilitator. Cristina is a certified Designing Your Life coach and experienced Training Facilitator. Previously she was a consultant and HR Executive with 12+ years of experience in the corporate world. Recently she's been working with women to help them reconcile motherhood and a healthy work life. She's the mom of three and lives in Montclair, NJ. 

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